HyperCam 3.6.1403.19

HyperCam 3.6.1403.19
HyperCam 3.6.1403.19
HyperCam 3.6.1403.19 is one of the best software to record the activities of your computer or laptop screen very easy and good quality. This would be very useful if you wish to make a presentation on how to use software or applications. You can just run this then you do HyperCam installation of the software, and when it is finished you can just stop this computer screen recorder software. In addition to record activities of computer screens, HyperCam can also be used to record the games you play. the format of the output file of this application is the avi.
After you record what you need, you can also add the watermark as your identity in the video recording. This time we shared the latest version of this software that HyperCam 3 and we also include a crack to make it a full version software. You can download the software for this cool computer screen recorder for free on our website.

HyperCam 3.6.1403.19 Main Features :

  1. Action the records as AVI files.
  2. The built-in Media Application.
  3. Hotkeys to begin, to interval, to break recording and to affirm snapshots.
  4. Wanton country option.
  5. Panning style: the getting country follows the indicator.
  6. Elective pop-up schoolbook boxes.
  7. Optional measure recording.
  8. Ability to wound cursor recording.
  9. Ability to grab recording in cover style.

HyperCam 3.6.1403.19 Requirements & Compatibility

  • Windows Xp 32bit
  • Windows Xp 64bit
  • Windows Vista 32bit
  • Windows Vista 64bit
  • Windows 7 32bit
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Windows 8 32bit
  • Windows 8 64bit
  • Windows 8.1
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
HyperCam 3 Download Link
Be the owner of HyperCam 3.6.1403.19 for Full Record screen of your PC, please click on the download link below:

For Windows 32bit

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista

For Windows 64 bit

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista

For Mac and Linux

Mac Os
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