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Alexa toolbar is a program designed to record the traffic rank blog. Install the Alexa in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome serves to lower the Alexa page rank of your blog, because assessment is by way of using the Alexa installed on each broswer every internet user. even if you open your blog by installing the Alexa before it was already included in the calculation of the Alexa, so if you are an active blogger who almost every day open your blog then it is not possible within one month of your blog already in position one million down. so lose if you do not install the Alexa on your browser program. then feel free to download it now because it was really helpful with a wealth of features offered by the Alexa will not let you down.
To facilitate you in the installation I will explain how to install the Alexa on firefox and chrome.

Alexa Toolbar In Mozilla Firefox Installations

1. After you click download in the download link we have provided, will appear as below, click to "install Alexa toolbar"

2. Alexa Toolbar shaped into the Add-Ons then install it like you install odd-ons.

3. Please click Allow as in the picture shown below.

4.Wait until the download is complete and click install to proceed to the installation phase.

5. After the installation is finished it will look a pop-up and click the button "restart"

6. After the restart successfully then the Alexa installed and will be visible in mozilla firefox.

Alexa Toolbar In chrome Installations

  • After you click download in the download link we have provided, will appear as below, click to "install Alexa Extension"
  • Click the "+ Add to Chrome" and then click "Add"
  • Wait until the download is completed, and a new page will appear
  • Click "Accept and Enable"
  • You will be asked to fill in some of the data, if not willing please click "No, Thank's"
  • Later Alexa toolbar will appear on your Google Chrome browser in the top right.
Alexa toolbar Download link

For Mozilla Firefox

Alexa add owns

For Google Chrome

Alexa Extension
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